Duppa Bar

Duppa Bar

Duppa Bar is situated on the ground floor of Ohtel and offers a unique food and beverage experience. As well as providing breakfast and Room Service for Ohtel guests, Duppa Bar is a one-of-a kind venue for coffee, drinks and tapas.

Where does the name ‘Duppa’ come from? Before Oriental Bay was so named, it was called Duppa, after the sole resident of the bay and the first person to build a home there, George Duppa. He was an Englishman who came to NZ to make his fortune and in fact became the first “millionaire” in NZ. There are no photos on record of him, only a sketch. We love the history of the name and have developed a version of Mr Duppa into the logo to keep the history alive.Here’s a selection from our current menu:

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66 Oriental Parade, Wellington 6011
New Zealand

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Email : rooms@ohtel.nz

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